Do What Sounds Good is the recording studio ran and occupied by Grammy Award winning sound engineer, Alex Tumay. Alex uses his studio to mix songs as well as stream to his large Twitch audience, made up of a community of aspiring and professional audio engineers. The DWSG entity has also branched off into Discord, where the community connects even further. That's where this logo comes in.

This logo is the third that I've done for Alex Tumay, all of which are for his audio engineering education endeavors. This time around, we’re taking a new approach in branding—these logos are ALL going to be used for the DWSG Discord+Twitch identities. We love them all and feel as if they’re cohesive enough to swap out as we feel. The other logos that I've made for Alex can be found back on my portfolio page.

Objective: Create a logo that feels like back-to-basics education, (i.e. Reading Rainbow). Make it feel retro, and make it recognizable. Keep it in the family-Maintain 'This Sounds Better' colors. The final collection of logos are, in my opinion, all about the visual representation of sound, and early childhood education materials from the 70's.


Note: Not *all* logos will be used in the brand identity, just the first 5 shown in the image gallery. The rest were passed on, but still included because I think they're funky.