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Mine and Greg Yüna's 'GOATED' artworks are composed entirely out of Yüna's fine jewelry. The idea to paint with chains and jewelry was sparked in late 2019, when I was photographing product shots for Yüna's website. I had laid several chains out, and before I shot them, I realized that they reminded me of a human's vascular system. The concept had officially clicked-and I decided that jewelry is going to be my medium. From that point on, I began using my graphic design skills to photograph and digitally manipulate the jewelry into intimate and incredibly detailed artworks.

Together, we've released several limited edition fine art prints, mirror prints via the NTWRK app, and recently presented our work as NFTs. The world of NFTs has presented a glorious opportunity to us-as artists that exist somewhere between physical and digital mediums, we now feel like we fit right in. Ultimately, Greg and I are aiming to create these artworks, made of Greg's jewelry, back into jewelry sculptures.

Videos courtesy of Suresh Gordon and Griffin Harrington.

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