One big happy family. Rose, yellow, and white gold tones all interact with one another in this paper. It's busy, but the negative space and variety of size keeps it from being too dense. The layering of chains makes this mesmerizing, whether you're looking at it close up or from far away.


I will note that this is the most challenging wallpaper to apply as there are several chains that can align perfectly. But, you can still do it without hiring a pro. If you mess up, you can peel the wallpaper off and stick it back on again several times. There's also a *tiny* bit of stretch to the paper. It just takes a bit of finesse :)


Felt-edged and non-felt-edged squeegee included, so that you don't accidentally scratch the wallpaper with a credit card or another straight edge. Safety first! 


PriceFrom $80.00