White gold. Absent of any color, and still bold as hell. Crispy, high contrast, strong, but has a calmness to it. Foolproof. Can literally go with anything. 


No rules, but white gold looks exquisite with: loud, highly saturated colors. Monotone interiors. And everything else. 


Felt-edged and non-felt-edged squeegee included, so that you don't accidentally scratch the wallpaper with a credit card or another straight edge. Safety first! 


PriceFrom $80.00

I decided to make this wallpaper available in lengths of 5ft, 10ft, and 15ft for a few reasons:

  • You can waste less product, and less money. 
  • No matter what lengths you get, the pattern will still be seamless. This is because vertically, the pattern repeats every 60". 
  • The 5’ rolls are the easiest to install, the 10' rolls are standard size, and the 15' rolls are for those that need serious coverage, or want to trim the paper at their own discretion. 


P.S. if you need a longer sheet than those listed above, please contact me and I can quote you on a custom length!