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When emailing for general contact please include the following.

  • State your Name and Order Number (If available)

  • Leave your Message or Question

  • Please leave your Phone and Email address



  • Exchanges are not accepted. 


  • Returns are not accepted. All sales are final, unless your order arrives to you in a damaged or reasonably unsatisfactory way*.


Paper is tricky to ship sometimes. If a product is damaged upon delivery, please do the following:

  • Send an email Titled "Damaged"

  • Email a photo of the damaged goods.

  • State where the product is damaged

  • Please include Name, Order Number and Phone Number

  • Once email is sent expect a reply within 24 hrs with further directions

  • Cost of re-shipping as well as new products will be covered. 

*A refund won’t be made for the damaged item unless the item can’t be replaced. * 


DOMESTIC (within the US) orders usually take 3-5 business days from shipment date to be delivered. Just because you receive an email saying your item was shipped does not necessarily mean it will be shipped that day; it just means the order was processed for shipment. Your order will be processed and sent to my printer the same day. Orders usually take 7-14 days to be processed and shipped. Currently, only UPS is used to ship. 

INTERNATIONAL shipment availability: TBD. 



All instructions for installation must be followed precisely to get the best experience with your GOATED WALLPAPER. If any steps or tips are ignored, the wallpaper will likely become discolored or lose its adhesive properties over a very short period of time.


This especially includes the note regarding the paint/surface that wallpaper is applied to. Any walls painted within 30 days should ABSOLUTELY NOT have wallpaper applied to them. Paint needs time to 'outgas' as it shrinks, expands, and sheds its solvents and thinners over time. If paint has not fully cured, any adhesive wallpaper applied to it will likely ruin the paint, and potentially the actual wall upon removal. Oil based paints will quickly reject the wallpaper adhesive. An acrylic prime is strongly recommended before application.


The rolls of wallpaper are produced with high-tack removable pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is designed to bond well to smooth painted (non-vinyl, non-oil based paint) walls​. It is backed with a 94 lb. premium grade moisture stable polycoated layflat release liner. ​This paper is professional grade, heavy duty, and able to withstand humid environments. Therefore, if your wallpaper becomes discolored or begins peeling prematurely, it cannot accepted as a damaged or unsatisfactory product. 


The wallpaper is sturdy, but can still be wrinkled or dented in extreme cases. Please be sure to use caution when pressing out air bubbles with the felt side of the squeegee provided to you. Any mistakes made in application do not fall under valid return criteria. 

For licensing + other business inquiries, please email

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