As one of my main clients since 2018, I've had the opportunity to work with Liz to develop a robust collection of work, that is constantly expanding. So far, Liz has involved me in many exciting projects, spanning from the home goods industry to developing a leather accessories collection, to decorating the streets of NYC with gorgeous vinyl wraps. With each undertaking, I've had the pleasure of building out promotional materials, social media assets, a remarkable press kit, and much, much more.

Liz is ambitious, and her company's growth reflects that clearly. Along with her career as a fine artist, Liz has built an incredibly strong track record as a designer, too. With Liz, I've been able to work on her award winning TileBar collection, luxury rugs, clutch designs, wallpaper, a collaboration with Janovic NYC, her own leather accessories collection, a custom pool table, the MP Pool Party outdoor pool, her custom packaging design, an FF+E collection, placemats, coloring books, greeting cards, her podcast's visual identity, her website, dozens of pitch decks, and more.

As Elizabeth's lead graphic designer, I play an integral role in nearly everything that she makes. For anything tangible that she's made, it's safe to say that it began with a 2D digital sketch from me. Often, I have the pleasure of creating tech packs, defining dimensions and measurements, and dealing dealing with production houses. Beyond developing her products, I handle a hefty portion of Liz's social media content, all invitations, advertisements, her media kit, web banners, fine art mockups, pattern building, and anything else that exists digitally.


Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Sutton.