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I've been working for Greg Yuna since November of 2017, when I saw that he needed a graphic designer/assistant role filled at his business. Thankfully, I arrived with my laptop on me, and had the opportunity to create a graphic for him that he needed urgently, for the next day. After I was able to complete the graphic while standing at this booth in the Diamond District, mid interview, I was hired on the spot.

Although I was initially hired as a graphic designer and assistant, I have since shifted into the position of Greg's creative partner and senior graphic designer. I am fortunate enough to work one-on-one with clients, making very special and intricate custom jewelry pieces, often backed by large budgets. I spend most of my time with clients developing concepts, models, color stories, and then producing 2D (sometimes 3D) sketches.

Photos courtesy of Zach Boisjoly and Greg Yuna.

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