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If you aren't hip to Manila Mixtape yet, I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself. He's an artist that is currently making incredible home goods, from Nike swoosh coffee tables to hoop backboards with Mona Lisa's face on em. Everything that he makes is going to make your space cooler, including the custom mirrors that he's been making.

As soon as we were introduced, we knew a collaborative mirror was in our future. My 'DON'T PLAY' artwork was a perfect fit for his already-existing Playboy bunny mirror, and we both loved the concept of combining the two. Manila cut, printed on, and packaged the mirror. He even took the packaging to the next level by making custom frames out of MDF board with our handles engraved. I decided to make his logo, a rice cooker, into a GOATED artwork. We chose to include a signed, 14"x20" print of this this with the product, along with some stickers of the artwork.

Photos courtesy of myself. Video courtesy of Suresh Gordon.

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