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Superstar stylist Maeve Reilly launched her new brand, the Local Love Club, in the name of spreading love and kindness. I personally identify with this approach towards all aspects of my life, so the chemistry between Maeve, my art, and I was instant and strong. With only a logo and two existing designs to work from, I was able to complete the remainder of the first collection. The result: a streetwear line full of graphics that encourage lots of love.

Maeve, an artist in her own right, gave me very little restriction in terms of aesthetic. My job was to make eye catching graphics that everyone can wear. I adore her logo (which she developed before our introduction), because it gave me a retro, sweetheart vibe with tons of personality. I figured that the artwork should follow suit. All in all, we created a line of 20 unique pieces, with a little something for everyone.

Photos courtesy of Amber Asaly.

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