Alex is a talented audio engineer, well known for his mixing on some of the most popular music out right now. I don't know much about audio engineering, but I do know that Alex is highly regarded amongst his peers. When he's not making the audio better on our favorite artists' songs, he's helping other engineers--aspiring or seasoned vets--with mixing. Alex is committed to sharing his knowledge, learning, and maintaining a community all around engineering. His first iteration of teaching was via his podcast, "This Sounds Better."

Once Alex explained his podcast concept to me, I immediately began thinking about delivery and production of music, and everything that comes with it. Also, we had both tapped into a nostalgic wavelength, so we took it and ran with it. I drew a lot of inspiration from record players and vinyls, super bulky production equipment, retro logos, all that. After a few rounds of development, we landed on the logo and colors above. Afterwards, all content to promote the podcast was made to match.

Objective: Create a logo/brand identity that makes you think of sound, feels super retro, and makes great use of color. While creating this logo, I kept a few things in mind: The lines on a vinyl record, stylized logos from the 70's + 80's, and line work with lots of character.

This is the final This Sounds Better logomark.